A Tale of Two Cities III: Partying

Mumbai: “Dude, let’s hit up Irish House, Hoppi and one of the Socials…and then we can finish up at XO or Liv! This night’s gonna be crazy, man!” Pune: “Break out the Bakarwadis and Basundi baby, cuz it’s gonna get nuts here! Then we’ll go hang at Z bridge, and everyone’s back home by 11 […]

A Tale of Two Cities II: Going Places

If you’ve ever sung along drunkenly to “Bohemian Rhapsody” (guitars, piano, choruses…the works), you’ll know the man who spawned this iconic pose. Hell, even if you’ve heard the song that begins “Boom Boom Clap, Boom Boom Clap” (“We will, we will rock you”, for the uninitiated), you know I’m talking about the fabulous Farrokh Bulsara. […]

A Tale of Two Cities I

“So you’re a Mumbaikar, eh?” “Yep, born and raised. Best city in the world, no?” “Actually, I prefer Pune…” ***Cue Mortal Kombat soundtrack*** Most, if not all, of my conversations in Mumbai have started (and ended) in the aforementioned fashion. And more often than not, instead of precipitating some light banter, the conversation has mutated […]

The Genius of Pu La

It is no secret to those who know me somewhat well, that Marathi language and literature is close to my heart. The sheer character of the language, coupled with its ability to lend itself to a wide variety of articulation ranging from the sweetest terms of endearment to the most ridiculous extent of raucousness, got […]

“Vintage Pune” – an essay…type…thing

  It is nigh impossible to think of Pune without words like ‘culture’, ‘heritage’ and ‘tradition’ popping up. Since it’s rather backwater beginnings in the early 1700s, Pune has always been associated with these words, clichéd as they may sound. Mention the aforementioned phrases in front of a true ‘Punekar’, and he will wax eloquent […]

Teh Gymz…

I was groaning, huffing, puffing and in general causing my personage a whole lot of quite unnecessary inconvenience. Rivulets of sweat dripped from my forehead into my eyes, impairing my vision. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were aching in ways I hadn’t deemed possible. The lungs were expanding and contracting like a blacksmith’s […]

How we ruined the Queen’s English…

Yes, that’s the title. Yes, we have ruined the language. And no, there’s absolutely no need to go all “Oh, that is so not true…”, because, well let’s face it, you’d be pretty fucking stupid if you said something like that. Make no mistake, I am referring to the Queen’s/British English, also known as the ‘only […]