“Adulting” gets a bad rap. And it’s not hard to understand why. Gone are the days of all-night parties and weekday binge drinking, because you know…you’re supposed to be a responsible, fully functioning member of society, who can’t be seen nursing a nasty hangover in office on a Wednesday morning. Gone are the days of […]

Teenagers: Misunderstood or Dumbasses?

“I’m not afraid to die.” The proclamation was met with a somewhat apathetic gaze and the rather comforting sound of chicken being masticated. You see, coming from some hardened veteran of war or a tough captain of the people, such a declaration wouldn’t have drawn so lukewarm a reaction. People would have cheered, clapped, agreed, […]


AKA Bhai-chara AKA Bromance AKA The ability to use the word ‘Bhai’ in a sentence four times with completely different connotation for each utterance. Also Refer: “Bhai, woh Bhai ko dekh rahi thi to Bhai bola ‘Bhaaaai, sahi hai!’” Ah, the sacred bond between men, spanning an entire gamut of intensities from being just Bro-mhacharis […]

2 am – 5 am

With all the turmoil on votes and notes on local and global levels, this could very well have been a politically inspired piece. A charged-up gunpowder piece of writing filled with pithy one-liners and relevant socio-economic commentary. But it isn’t. Because finally having sat my ass down to write this, I’m torn between regret at […]

A Tale of Two Cities IV: Romance

My gentle readers must pardon the rather risque title, because this edition of the digital diarrhoea I call my blog has nothing to do with romance. Well, at least not in the conventional, mouldy sense our culture associates with it. There’ll be no material that’ll make disapproving aunts go “Aga baai kaay he!!”, and no […]

Running Distances

“Don’t ask me why I run, ask yourself why you don’t” – Anonymous “Ye Phadke saala bahut bhaagta hai” – Many People Human beings were, at the risk of quoting Bruce Springsteen, born to run. The survival of our species through the ages, from Homo Habilis to Homo Phobics can be traced back to our […]